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Our Legacy of Fighting Metal Theft

July 26, 2011

Andrew Jones from Burcham’s Metals was interviewed by KVAL regarding ongoing efforts to help fight metal theft.  KVAL reported, “Burcham’s Metals works with the Linn County Sheriff’s Office and the Albany Police Department to track metal theft.”  To watch the entire segment, click here.



Albany Area Chamber Network

April 2009 Vol. 41, No. 04

Jay Burcham of Burcham’s Metal’s Inc., Albany, was honored with the Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program of the Pacific Northwest Partnership Award. Burcham’s works closely with CICP to help stop metal theft.

Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller said of Burcham’s Metals, “They have done more for law enforcement in holding metal thieves accountable than most any other recycler in the state. They have made a very significant investment in the community by using state of the art, high tech equipment.”

Jay credits the efforts of his staff as well as support and encouragement received from many local law enforcement leaders including Sheriff Mueller, Chief Ed Boyd of APD and others. Representative Andy Olson has been instrumental at the state level. “It takes a team working together and communicating well to make a difference. It is my desire to continue to develop our level of effectiveness in this area and in the area of recycling” said Burcham.

February 11, 2009cicpaward_2

Burcham’s Metals is the only Metal Recycling business to have been recognized twice by the Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program of the Pacific Northwest (CICP); once in 2006 and again in 2009.

This is an excerpt from a recent press release about the 2009 CICP awards luncheon:


The Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program of the Pacific Northwest (CICP) announced the award winners who were honored at the 13th Annual Awards Luncheon ceremony held in Portland, OR.

Jay Burcham, with Burcham’s Metals, from Albany OR was honored with the CICP Partnership Award. Burcham’s Metals works closely with CICP to help stop metal theft.  Linn County Sheriff’s Office Detectives appreciate his open door policy, and report that Burcham’s Metals is always fully cooperative in investigations, and have been invaluable in helping solve property crimes, specifically metal thefts.



cicp20061March 1, 2006

Also, in 2006, Burcham’s Metals was recognized for their instrumental role in the recovery of $10,000 worth of stolen copper wire.  The picture includes Beccy Beers of CICP, Jay Burcham, and Mike Stitzell of EC Company sharing the Padlock award.

About CICP

For more information about the CICP program or to learn how to participate please call (503) 618-8871 or visit the website at www.cicpp.com.