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Going Green Since 1960

Est 1960Our pledge to sound environmental practices is nothing new; Burcham’s Metals has been committed to resource stewardship since our very beginning.  In 1960, when most people were hauling their scrap and garbage off to local landfills, Bill Burcham was encouraging people to bring their scrap to him so he could give those materials a second life.  Recycling wasn’t necessarily popular back then.

Today, we specialize in purchasing scrap metals for recycling but we still have a strong emphasis on reselling usable materials and equipment.  We take the stance that reselling and reusing materials and equipment “as is” is even better than traditional recycling methods that expend more time and energy to reprocess materials.  Our goal is to give material and equipment a second life.  Reprocessing materials as a method of recycling is our last resort.

We strive to keep a clean yard and handle materials responsibly.  Just come in and see for yourself how our cleanliness compares to other scrap or salvage yards you may have visited.

Titanium splatterWe invite inventors, artisans, do-it-yourselfers and tinkerers to come and see us when you’re working on your next project.  Our inventory is always changing but you never know… we may have just what you need.  We have employees who will work with you to find what you’re looking for or you’re welcome to explore the yard all on your own.  If you need something we don’t have now be sure to put in an item request; we’ll keep our eyes open and contact you if we get it.  We are committed to connecting people to materials they can use.  We are proud to have achieved a practical and creative balance between helping the environment and our customers at the same time.