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Burcham’s: Then and Now

Burcham's Metals 1960

Burcham’s Metals is a family centered recycling business established by Bill Burcham in 1960.  When he wasn’t working for the U.S. Bureau of Mines he was collecting recyclable metals.  Jay Burcham, the current owner, joined with his father and eventually assumed the lead role as president of the business.

The Burcham’s family ideals have come through in the way our business operates.  Core values like integrity, respect and common sense clarify where we have come from and help explain why we continue to do business the way we do.  We believe strong customer relationships are the key to running a thriving business within a small community.  Count on us to stay with our tried and tested values because they are what has earned your business… and we look forward to seeing you again.

Throughout the years we have built upon Bill’s original vision for Burcham’s Metals.  In the last decade we have developed a diverse industrial recovery program and built an eBay store.  As we continue to grow and expand our services we remain committed to meeting your metal recycling needs.

In over fifty five years of operation much has changed about the look of our business.  However, the atmosphere is still the same customer oriented, small business feel so many people have come to appreciate. We are always striving for the balance between efficient and convenient service while maintaining our personal touch.